The footprint for this residence is a simple square juxtaposed with a two storey rectangle. The design plays with the relationship between these two simple 3D forms, and uses different textures or skins of material to camouflage their perception.

Located on a small rear strata block, the home was planned around a well shaded central pond, which acts as both a visually calming feature and the cooling reservoir for the building’s passive cooling system. The pond is open to the prevailing winds and was integrated into the house design to use water cooled air to passively cool the house.

Low windows just about the ponds surface catch the breeze coming across the water and direct the cooled air into the house. The home has corresponding windows at first floor ceiling height, which let heated air out. So newly cool air is drawn into the building at ground floor level as the internal warmer air rises up and out the top windows above. This acts like a natural air conditioner and also replaces the more noxious internal air with fresh outside air.

The void over the living area creates a vertical volume of natural light, and allows first floor views to the ocean whilst blocking overlooking into the adjoining neighbours. The house was designed with no passageways to maximise floor space.

This three bedroom, two bathroom home sold at a record price for a rear strata in the area (40% higher than any previous sale).