Design offers a wonderful opportunity to enrich our daily experiences. It can greatly define how we perceive and remember a place, an engagement, an individual. Design, ultimately, is about engaging and enlightening our sensors.

Whether is your home, a hospitality venue or new feature luminaire, more than anything bradleycole aspires to create an experience. Obviously function is vitally inherent in all well considered design, but the real creative achievement is in the perceived experience.

We are a multi discipline design practice offering architecture and interior design, lighting consultancy, and a range bradleycole luminaires as well as custom designed lights. Our practice has been graced by a wonderful group of architects over the years who have worked on various projects highlighted on this website. Many thanks to Giselle Casarini, Kristy Warwick-Smith, Beth Courtney and Kirsten Hay, and to Robert Allan for his ever inspiring mentoring.

Bradley Cole, the director of the practice, believes deeply in environmentally positive design outcomes. He has a sound understanding of environmental issues and sustainable design principals. Early on he volunteered for environmental organizations before studying Environmental Science, film production and architecture at university. In 2006 Brad produced a Sustainable Design guideline for the Western Australian government department Landcorp, and in 2009 designed a house for Habitat for Humanity in collaboration with Kirsten Hay.



bradleycole believes that successful architecture brings people together.

Buildings and spaces should be highly considered, ecologically sensitive and engaging. Purposely designed to meet your unique lifestyle or project goals.

Established in 1992 bradleycole has successfully completed over 400 commercial and residential architectural projects, across Australia and more recently in the United States. Our portfolio includes an extensive list of hospitality projects, offices, industrial facilities, residential developments, and new and renovated homes.

Having produced venues for clients such as Little Creatures Brewing and the Colonial Leisure Group we understand the value of cultural and integrated branding, especially in hospitality and retail design. Whether designing a fashion outlet, bar or restaurant it’s all about creating a culture, an experience that your guests will engage with, enjoy and ultimately miss. Everything should be considered from the patron’s arrival to where produce is sourced. That is your brand.

We consider a building as being far more than a tactile experience and believe that perception of space and form is both conscious and subconscious. In its simplest interpretation, a building provides a shelter for its inhabitants.  A protective skin, which allows the occupiers to work, sleep or play in a controlled environment.  Along with its internal fabric, the level of interaction between the surrounding landscape, climate and neighbourhood can all be regulated and personalised to suit individual needs.  Primarily each building is designed as a functional enclosure, but it is its architectural interpretation that influences the inhabitants experience and spirit.

Through our understanding of human perception bradleycole aims to create spaces and architectural landscapes that inspire and engage the individuals who reside in them.  Spatial narrative and harmony, natural and artificial light, form and colour are all intrinsic considerations that are essential to our architectural experience.  We feel spaces on many different levels and it is not uncommon to hear how one feels comfortable or uncomfortable in a particular space, but remains speculative in explanation.

Spaces make us feel and architecture interprets space.  Spaces can enliven, give solace or entice, they are a medium for creative understanding.  It has been our practice to not only create buildings that are inherently purposeful, but also spaces that stimulate and inspirit their occupants.


bradleycole luminaires

Lighting provides a wonderful opportunity to enhance the theme and individuality of any space or built form. Our belief is that lighting should be either discrete and functional or wonderfully engaging…nothing in between.

bradleycole luminaires are a range of unique pendant lights designed and proudly produced in Byron Bay, Australia. Often drawing inspiration from the natural world in this especially beautiful locality, Brad’s designs are simple yet elegant organic forms made from clay or blown glass…sometimes both. Driven by a deep belief in sustainable practices, you will also find pendant lights created from recycled or repurposed objects in the bradleycole collection.

We also offer the individual design and fabrication of customised luminaires. Whether you’re looking for an eye catching grand statement piece or brand aligned feature lights, we can design and fabricate customised luminaires for your home or for a specific commercial project. Many of bradleycole one-of commercial lighting designs utilising site specific paraphernalia and found objects in their creation, which subtly reflect and promote the business’ brand and philosophy. Past clients include Suntory, Warrington Property, Little Creatures Brewing, Colonial Leisure Group, and LDU (USA).


lighting spaces and places

Considered lighting design should strengthen a building’s composition, whilst adding to its functionality and intrigue. As mentioned ‘above’, our belief is that lighting should be either discrete and functional or wonderfully engaging…nothing in between. When executed well, lighting is the most economical way to add real value to any building project.

Our firm offers commercial and residential project lighting consultancy, cost efficient lighting designs solutions and the complete supply of all your project’s lighting products. As well as working with clients directly, we have been engaged by various architects and interior designers to successfully completed many projects across Australia.

We offer Australian Standards compliant lighting designs with a strong focus on energy efficiency and innovative lighting solutions. Product life span, aesthetics and cost are all carefully considered during our design process, before lighting design drawings and selection schedules are produced ready for your electrician to work off.

bradleycole also offers the supply of all project light fittings at highly competitive prices. Lighting technology such as LED is constantly changing and our suppliers of stock lights and componentry have access to the latest innovations and products. This allows us to incorporate the best available light colour technology and product life cycle in both commissioned designs and stock lighting.

Whether you just want lighting consultancy for your home renovation, or you’re about to open a new hospitality venue or fashion house, bradleycole welcomes all lighting design service and supply enquires.