low down

The brief was to create an engaging space, as the name suggests, with a bit of soul, funk and grit. An escape or reprieve from the sharp corporate world that so many customers were immersed in 9 to 5. One of the main challenges here was creating a captive intimate space out of a glass “fish bowl” tenancy, open to public thoroughfares on three sides. Of course the space also needed to carry the cultural branding that the brothers had created in their previous cafe.

Form-ply screening was designed to carry symbolic branding, and enabled the creation of an intimate little get away from the world outside. A palette of honest, raw material where carefully chosen and worked, like exposed aggregate concrete, plywood and hand thrown clay, to add to the Low Down branding of keeping it real.

As well as the interior architecture, bradleycole also completed the lighting consultancy and design, and supplied the all projects lighting products including the bradleycole Hola pendant lights and the custom made Charlotte wall lights.