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Ero is a wonderful story about creating new beginnings, new life. A surprising harmony of remnants from two quite different worlds. Where memories of timeworn natural forms were used to sculpt a discarded synthetic material into remarkably alluring pendant lights. The initial inspiration for the ero pendant light range came from the array of beautiful ocean eroded stones found along the shores of Byron Bay’s rocky headland. A study of the stones’ timeless curves evolved into descendant forms which were eventually subtracted from one another to create ero bode and ero bare. This creative process was mindful of our available 3D printing technology’s production constraints, and was continually pushing its boundaries. Ero pendant lights are Net Zero 3D printed from 100% recycled thermoplastic. The intriguing opulence of both the ero bode and ero bare pendant lights will offer distinct individuality to any space or gathering.
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These hand blown glass forms, like slowly falling drops of glowing nectar, are deliciously elegant. Whether it’s a floret of Du lights or a solo show, they can easily be the centre of attention offering both feature mood lighting and downward task lighting. The glass for each Du light is individually hand blown in Australia and assembled in Byron Bay. Best lit with a LED filament light source.
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Inspired by nature, these beautifully sensual, handmade clay forms are created in Byron Bay, Australia. The beach white, earthy terracotta and charcoal Pod pendant lights all have a natural bisque fired clay finish. They offer warmth and individuality to any space or gathering.
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Curvaceous yet elegant, this luscious little luminere will offer warmth and intrigue in any social setting. These exquisite hand blown glass forms are beautifully imperfect and designed to adorn a bare filament light source. Whilst the black glass Bobo might add a little attitude to functionality, the lime, tangerine and wine Bobos will light up your day.
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Distinct and stylist, Ripe is a hand blown glass luminaire that offers an elegant lighting solution for both formal and relaxed spaces. Each glass form is hand blown in Australia and carefully sand blast finished to create it’s soft luminance. Beautifully imperfect, Ripe will graciously hold attention in anyone’s company.
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proud mary
She is shamelessly bare and beautiful. Proud Mary might be pompously viewed as a deconstructed chandelier, but her splendour and magnificence would likely be welcomed to many great halls and social spaces than one might anticipate. An array of draped cloth cords creates Proud Mary’s classical chandelier form, each one crowned with a naked filament lamp. Different cloth cord colour options are available.
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Two textures consensually bound, form a wonderfully pleasurable pendant light. Juliett is a stunning contrast of raw copper bare beneath either night black or virgin white straps. This pendant offers task or dimmed mood lighting from a golden sienna lit aperture.
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The Hola pendant light is a simply exquisite meeting of two beautiful timeless crafts; glass blowing and handmade pottery. A tapered ring of blown coloured glass simply hangs from the edge of an unglazed clay form, celebrating the honesty and texture of theses natural materials. Each pendant is individually crafted and unique.
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From a moonless black night comes a golden sunrise. The Charlotte light is an alluring pendant, a stunning contrast of raw copper bare beneath a black as night slip. Charlotte offers task or dimmed mood lighting from an aperture of golden sienna light.
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Every classic has a twist, and these beautifully hand blown glass forms are a splendid example. Each individually created by one of Australia’s most talented glass blowers, the Swirl is a clear glass pendant encircled in spiralling black pin lines.
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Flare lights cast playful colour forms up onto the ceiling whilst softly illuminating a space. They offer an intriguing discovery of colour under warm intimate light. Flare lights can be installed to form overlapping kaleidoscopes of colour, and custom designed to suit individual projects on request.
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The suns out, the bees are buzzing and there’s a freshness in the air. The Petal is a fun feature lighting solution that will give life to many spaces and places. Its open form is also ideal for rooms with low ceiling heights.
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