connections nightclub

Connections Nightclub is one of the old nightclubs in the Southern Hemisphere, so extending and refurbishing its layered history had to be deeply considered. It had a very diverse and dedicated patronage, so their sense of place needed to be respected.

The existing operating culture had tones of what might be best described as glam / kitsch, flashes of Donna Summer amongst a splattering of pink plastic flamingos. The brief was to lift this theme through the nightclub’s extensions, while still honouring the existing material remnants of the built spaces. The design resolution adopted was industrial glam.

The extension of the nightclub included the creation of a new bar, toilet facilities, back of house areas and a larger viewing deck to the cityscape. It also included a new formal entry at street level with a reception desk and access lift. Offering an alternative experience to the original dance area’s red crushed velvet and mirror balls, the new bar and deck spaces were conceived from the historic burn brick walls and dust filled timber floor boards. The addition of a grand backlit ornamental vaulted ceiling, smoked mirror columns, an under-lit acrylic bar and leather Chesterfields provided the necessary glamour.

The refurbishment of existing main stage, bar and dance floor focused on revitalization and increased functionality. The adjoining lounge spaces and backstage areas were also refurbished in theme and simplified.