creatures nextdoor

The basis for the refurbishment of the old Loft venue in Fremantle, was to re-brand the venue with a theme that would be familiar and inviting to those who first discovered Little Creatures in its early years. Creatures first venue next door is a converted crocodile farm. An oversize industrial shed with caged walkways and rather brutal finishes, it’s a somewhat nonsensical, unexpected hospitality experience, especially for it’s time. It attributed to Creatures lo-fi, spirited brand that venerated reuse and nonconformity.

Playing with these brand attributes, the new venue design mixes motifs from the theatre with brewing hardware and an extravagant array of recycled collectable 1950s furniture. The venues entry and interior walls were adorned with local stencil artist, Lucinda Crimson’s enchanting sci-fi floral wall murals. As the neighbour of the original Little Creatures venue, it seemed obvious to call this new playful, more comfy venue Creatures Nextdoor.

The design resolution provided softer, more intimate lighting levels throughout, and the perceived ceiling height of the main room was lowered with the installation of four large bradleycole custom chandeliers, created from copper tubing and the brewery’s pint beer bottles. 1950’s cane furniture was introduced on both balconies, which overlook the Fishing Boat Harbour, and a new staircase was installed linking the western balcony with harbour boardwalk below.