quinn residence

Site climatic conditions, topography, natural flora, views, and orientation all determine the architectural solution of any project. Rarely though, does a site present such compelling natural beauty and ideal conditions as this one. Located on the side of a mountain 386 metres above sea level, with a backdrop of lush rainforest, the site for this project offered open views out to the surrounding mountains and the very distant Pacific Ocean.

The Quinn residence is primarily a family home, designed to accommodate a young family and their evolving lifestyle needs and demands. It was planned to maximise the breath taking views to the east and to offer open, highly liveable internal and external spaces that engaged with the surrounding natural landscape.

Rather than compete with its majestic rain forest surrounds, the architectural response honours and recedes as a contrasting silhouetted form, articulated to work with the site’s topography rather than against it. Viewed from a distance the building was designed to reads as a muted form, a shadow in the landscape.

The planning of rooms and locations of openings were positioned to take advantage of the prevailing climatic conditions across the seasons, and the swimming pool was integrated into the design to provide a passive air cooling system to the adjacent living areas.

The home is completely “off the grid”, equipped to generate its own solar power, harvest all its own potable water, and is connected to an on-site waste water treatment system.

Where practical, locate products and fabricators were engaged to not only minimise the projects ecological footprint, but to also support the local community.